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Jerome History Walk


Come discoverJerome History Walk historical Jerome

as we visit key landmarks and trace the

blueprint of Jerome’s history from its

inception as a tent city to a billion dollar

booming mine town! Our locally trained tour

guides will share some of Jerome’s most interesting

and rare facts corroborated by the Jerome Historical Society.


Historical Landmarks On This Tour :

Holy Family Church 1894

Old Bank Vault 1899

Connor Hotel 1898

Liberty Theater 1918

Husbands Alley 1910

Famous Sliding Jail 1935

Bartlett Hotel 1895

Original Jerome Smelter May 1888



Duration1 Hour

Tour TypeHistory Tour

Transport – Walking

Cost Per $39 

Trip Advisor Review! " The tour was far more interesting than I thought it would be. My tour guide was knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about the town. "

Fun Fact #1 - In 1895 the owner (William A Clark) of the United Verde Copper Company began to net $1 million dollars a month! ( equivalent to $28 million in todays value) $1 million is a lot of today! Imagine making $1 million every single month in the year 1895!!!

Fun Fact #2 – The peak for the United Verde Copper Company was during WWI, 1914-1918 rendering the mine the largest copper producer in the U.S.A. If William A Clark was netting $1 million a month in 1895, how much was he netting during the peak years? Care to take a guess? A correct answer yields you a 1 ounce bar of copper on your tour! 


Wild Wild West Tour

Journey into the past as we

unveil JeromWild Wild West History Toure’s salacious wild west.

The rise and fall of the worlds largest

copper mining town, to famous figures

such as Billy the Kid, brothel owner Belgian

Jennie and James Stuart Douglas.


Historical Landmarks On This Tour :

 Holy Family Church 1894

♦ Old Bank Vault 1895

♦ Connor Hotel 1898

♦ Liberty Theater 1918

♦ Husbands Ally (Red Light District) 1910

♦ Audrey Head Frame (1900 Ft Shaft) 1915

♦ UVX Mine 1915

♦ Douglas Mansion 1916

♦ Famous Sliding Jail 1935

♦ The United Verde Copper Company 1888



Duration – 1.5 Hours

Tour TypeHistory Tour

Transport 45min Walking/45min van

Cost Per $60

Trip Advisor Review -" This was not our first time to Jerome but let me say WE LEARNED SO MUCH! We had so much fun walking around Jerome and honestly seeing places that we had never noticed or walked right by in the past. Our tour guide went above and beyond to show us around town and point out items that peaked our interest. 10/10 would recommend to those new to Jerome or if you are a repeat visitor."

Fun Fact #1 - At one point Jerome had 20 saloons, 80 active bordellos and 19 opium dens! One such opium den was below one of the current restaurants in town.

Fun Fact #2 – Once a month the owner of the United Verde Copper Company William A. Clark would grant his employees a credit to the red light district. In addition, he would hand out credits to the opium dens. Perks of the job? Not so much… These tactics were to keep disgruntled employees at bay. Miners would rise up and demand more pay due to poor wages and dangerous work enviornments considering 5-7 people a day would perish in the mines. His solution was the ultimate high of opium and the persuasive power of female company. William was behind the opium supply and wholesale credits to the Red Light District making him in some aspects a drug dealer and pimp.

Jerome Ghost Walk

Jerome Ghost Walk


Come along if you dare as we explore

Jerome’s most notably haunted locations

and attempt to make contact with spirits

of the sordid past using our EMF readers

and spirit boxes. Hear stories of those

who’s mortal remains lie beneath your feet.



Historic Landmarks Along This Tour :

Holy Family Church 1894

Jerome’s 1st Hospital Grounds

United Verde Copper Company Smelter

Exclusive Locations – 

Haskins House 1888


Quick Overview – 

Duration – 1 Hour

Tour Type – Ghost Tour

Transport  Walking

Cost Per –  $45

Hey! Jerome Ghost Tours is the only tour company granted access to the Haskins House!

Fun Fact #1 - Below the surface of Jerome lies 80 miles of mine shafts that span the entire length of the town like a web. During probation miners used these shafts to transport alcohol, opium and other contraband. Some residents would dig tunnels from the closets of their home to the mine shafts. The Haskins House has tunnels in the closets that run to the big mine shafts below town.

Fun Fact #2 The Haskins House was converted into the Haskins Apartments. On this tour you will enter two units. In the first unit a double homicide took place in the late 1920’s. Upon visiting we have had voices communicate through on our spirits boxes and told us they are in fact the victims from the double homicide. Book a tour and say hello to Robert and Charlotte! In the 2nd unit a mother drowned her three children in the tub in 1935. All three kids come through the spirit boxes and told us they were drowned by their mother. The oldest of the three David who is 10 years old likes to talk the most. 

Pandora's Box

Pandora’s Box


The ultimate ghoPandora's Boxst hunting and history

experience. Step through the shadows

and discover the chilling and ghastly

tales of murder, lust, and revenge as

we hunt for restless souls in this 2 hour

adventure that is sure to leave you with



Historic Landmarks Along This Tour ;

Holy Family Church 1894

Jerome’s 1st Hospital Grounds

United Verde Copper Company Smelter

Exclusive Locations –

Haskins House 1888

Old Jerome High School

Auditorium & Boiler Room

Jerome Cemetery


Quick Overview –

Duration – 2 Hours

Tour Type – Ghost Tour

Transport – Walking/Driving

Cost Per – $84

Hey! Jerome Ghost Tours is the only tour company with exclusive rights to the Haskins House, Old Jerome High School and Auditorium!

Google Review - The Auditorium is the scariest place in Jerome! The Jerome Cemetery is also on this tour!

Google Review – “OMG the best ghost tour I have ever been on. We got EMF readings at all locations. A voice came through at the old hospital site. We had positive interaction using a REM pod at a old apartment. Best of all I got a picture of a ghost at the old high school. It was pitch black except for our flashlights, I must have taken 200 pictures with my cell phone. We did not see anything while there but found this picture after while reviewing the pictures I had taken. It is unmistakably a man wearing what appears to be a cowboy hat. Next time in Jerome I am going back for this tour again!”

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